Article Builder Discount and Review (Save $100)

article builder discountJust visit the Article Builder discount page, to save $100/year and get it for just $197/year, instead of $297/year.

Founded by Jonathan Leger, Article Builder has helped an immense number of websites ranked in Google and other search engines by providing only the best articles out there. Moreover, it also serves the purpose of being an excellent article writer. It is said that even little kids can do the job. You need not hire your own writer to compose articles for you. Through the ingenuity of Article Builder, you can have lots of articles at a short span of time. The large database of categorized titles, paragraphs and other articles will help anyone create a number of different articles with the same choice of keywords. Along with that, they have their own pool of excellent writers who are native English speakers which come from USA, Canada or from the UK.

Article Builder can be accessed anytime, anywhere as it is a form of an online tool. Requesting for an article is very easy to do. First, you need to determine the category of the article you want. They are offering more than 50 categories, but, every client is given the opportunity to suggest a new category and perhaps if a good number of requests have been made, then, Article Builder will do the work for you. Next, you need to put in the subtopic categories as well as determining the minimum number of words per article. Also, you need to identify the number of articles you want. That easy! In one click, you will get to see high quality of written articles in the shortest span of time.

The whole year in subscribing with Article Builder will cost you $197 if you follow this special discount link. But, wait, before reacting, take some time to do the math. That cost would mean nothing compared to when you hire your own article writer or perhaps you exert much effort by doing the job yourself. It saves you much of your hard earned money, time and effort in finding your way up. It would just cost you measly $16.42 per month or 54 cents a day for the excellent services you can have through Article Builder.

With the advent of Google Panda, internet marketing has been greatly changed. The articles you can generate by using the Article Builder will fight off the effects of Google Panda by delivering only the best quality of articles, with proper keyword density and uniqueness. However, to ensure high quality of service, they only give slots to a limited number of people. But, along with the rise of their workforce and their database, services are extended in some period of time.

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Bookmarking Demon Discount and Review (December 2013)

The original price of Bookmarking Demon is $147 (one-time fee). But you can get it for just $128.48 ($18.52 discount) using this link below:

Click here to get the $18.52 discount of Bookmarking Demon, buy it for just $128.48!

Bookmarking Demon discount

Note: if you are a citizen from the EU and you don’t have a VAT number, then you must pay your local VAT rate on top of the $128.48 price. Also you can choose the currency using the drop down on the checkout page. That’s it! You have just saved $18.52!

Edwin Brian is the founder of Bookmarking Demon. Since 2004, he already started to create software as his business when he realized that different kinds of software have been released in the market without having the intention of upgrading it whatsoever. So, in 2006, he founded his own company, EdwinSoft, and then created web promotion software called the Bookmarking Demon.

On its first release, it sold over 5,000 copies and people who have utilized the Bookmarking Demon tool were simply amazed with its functionality. As compared to other bookmarking tool, you can obtain a hundred or more high PR links for free and that could only be possible through Bookmarking Demon. These would all lead to your website ranking up high in Google and in other search engines.

Initially, you will be starting with signing to 20 social bookmaking sites. Even in one single post, you will be allowed to bookmark hundreds of social bookmarking sites. In order to build strong networks, you will also be allowed to take advantage of RSS Feeds and different article directories over the web. All in all, search engines will see the true value of you site and increase your rank the soonest time you can imagine.

On the other hand, every time you create a new web page, Bookmarking Demon will automatically post all your related links online. Hundreds of links will be posted in many social bookmarking sites within a short period of time, without exerting much effort. However, to protect your links and your IP address from being banned by the bookmarking sites, they have a built-in Proxy server and other multiple proxies to do the job.

Compared to other traditional link building techniques such as article submission, blog or ping, and other sorts, with social bookmarking, you can obtain higher website traffic and high quality backlinks without a cost. This is where the function of Bookmarking Demon sets in. Along with utilizing the high quality of software and fast approach in social bookmarking, you can also obtain free updates and a downloadable user manual.

Alongside, a friendly customer support team is ready to assist every client anytime of any day. All queries and technical problems will be solved the shortest span of time.

More so, it is a one-time investment that will surely take your money into greater heights. For only $147, you will get the best social bookmarking tool there is, without further additional payments and monthly subscription fees. There is also a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied as to the function of Bookmarking Demon software and its services.

Ultra Spinnable Articles Coupon and Review

Sorry, there are no coupon codes for Ultra Spinnable Articles (last updated: December 1, 2013). We will update this page if coupons become available.

Ultra Spinnable Articles from the Leading Articles does not utilize automated software for spinning a certain article. Rather, they boast of employing a team of excellent writers which are natural speakers and writers of English language, and that goes with the Americans, Canadians and British. Each spun article is made by a human being, not a computer generated one, so, you can ensure that the article is readable and of high writing quality.

Placing spun articles online is one of the many marketing methods which most websites utilized. These articles are way to attract clients and an effective method by which you can relay to people about the products or services you can offer. Although, these articles are derived from a single, unique article, the spun articles are also considered unique in their own way, the sequence of word has been rearranged and words are interchanged. However, they still got the same thought as the original one. On the other hand, it is allowed to put in backlinks to every article. So, the more high quality spun articles you are going to publish online, the more links you are going to achieved entailing you of higher website traffic. Whether you are going to publish the spun articles on your own website or on other related websites, you can guarantee of high traffic return on your own site. Using Ultra Spinnable Articles will increase your chances of topping the rank in famous search engine sites such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo among others.

This option of utilizing the Ultra Spinnable Articles will ultimately save you of your money, time and effort. Leading Articles is open to assist you 7 days a week and provide you the best spun articles there is. Any articles made are sure to pass at Copyscape because the entire content of each are created uniquely even if the articles are spanned for a number of times. However, they have implied a 300 person limited membership in every Ultra Spinnable Article, so you can ensure truly unique contents of the derived articles, no matter how many times you spun it.

There are three options of Ultra Spinnable Article plans, depending on your budget and the features you need for your website to rank. The starter pack is only $77 a month, while the Platinum plan is worth $147 a month with additional feature. Lastly, for the most ultimate service, you can well enjoy the benefits of Ultimate plan which will cost you $217 a month and that includes the Ultra Spinnable Minis.

But, before you actually choose which plan will suit you best, you may download a free ultra spinnable article. That would not cost you a thing. It is offered by the Leading Articles for you to judge their capacity and their worthiness as well.

Where To Buy SEnuke XCr And How To Get a Discount?

Read this short article if you would like to buy SEnuke XCr. Here is the step by step method on how to buy SEnuke XCr and how to get a discount:

  1. Visit the official SEnuke website, which is SEnuke XCr
  2. You must register yourself on the SEnuke members area. Click on the green “Download Now” button below the main headline, or on the green “Signup” button in the top right corner. Fill in the required details in order to sign up (your full name, your real email address, and your country). A password will be emailed to you, please check your email after signing up.
  3. Now that you registered yourself, you need to choose your subscription method. If you want to pay monthly, the price is $147 per month. But there is a one time offer right after you want to sign up for the monthly service: you can buy SEnuke for $1297 per year, this translates to $108 per month, so that’s $39 off the regular monthly price. You should decide in advance whether you want to pay $147 per month or $1297 per year. The only payment method available is Paypal.
  4. Sometimes there is a promotion where you can buy the SEnuke lifetime license for $1997. That means you pay $1997 once and you get full lifetime updates without any recurring fees. But you can take advantage of this promotion only if it’s available, usually when a new major version of SEnuke releases. Right now (March 20, 2013) you cannot buy the lifetime license, sorry.
  5. There is no discount code or coupon code available for SEnuke; you must either pay $147 per month or $1297 per year, or buy the lifetime license for $1997 if this offer is available.
  6. Finally, when you are on the Paypal checkout page, login to your Paypal account and make the purchase. Congratulations, you have just bought SEnuke XCr!

SEnuke Features

SEnuke XCr is a SEO automation software. You must install it on your Windows computer (not compatible with Mac or Linux). A VPS or a dedicated service is recommended to use SEnuke. The main purpose of SEnuke is to build many backlinks effortlessy to your money site, and to help you get better rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

It supports a number of platforms to build backlinks on, such as Social Network, Social Bookmark, RSS, Web 2.0 Profile, Forum Profile, Press Release, WordPress, Google Places, PDF and Wikis.

You can build link trees with it, to take advantage of the tiered backlinking method. The beauty of this software is that you can automate almost anything with it, no need to babysit this program. It also has a “Turbo Wizard” where you can create and launch a full link building campaign in under 30 minutes!

SEnuke contains a macro recorder which lets you create scripts for previously unknown platforms, so that you can build backlinks using this platform.

Of course it also has a built in indexer and pinger. You can also use third party Captcha breaker softwares with SEnuke to automate Captcha solving.

Why not take the 14 day free trial and see it yourself? Refund policy: If giving a fully functional 14 day free trial wasn’t enough, they also have a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you are not satiesfied, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of the purchase.

GSA Auto Website Submitter Review

GSA Auto Website SubmitterGSA Auto Website Submitter is the most excellent directory submitter software. You can actually submit your website to 2,000 directories in just a span of five minutes or perhaps to 8,000 directories within 20 minutes if you have a built in DeCaptcher service. However, if you preferred to input captcha manually, then, it would just take you to 10 hours to do everything. This very fast website submission by threads finishes your promotion in a matter of minutes, when in fact, it would take several days before the advent of this particular software and services.

The list of directories is updated on a weekly basis. And, you can choose to have your website posted in other directories which allow free links. Everything is listed for your convenience. With several thousands of links on their database, you will not definitely run out of links.

Do not believe with what others are saying about directory submission being obsolete or not effective in terms of Internet Marketing. How can others say that article submission is not working anymore? In fact, these submissions will allow you to obtain anchored links on a wide IP distribution of sites. They are still going to work and be as effective as they are, as long as Google and other search engines accept anchored links.

Another great advantage in signing up with GSA Auto Website Submitter is the fact that it has a tool which will allow access to POP mail accounts in order to confirm the sent mails. Also, GSA supports spin syntax, allowing you to rotate titles and descriptions so not to trigger spam and content duplication issues with several search engines.

Pricing of the GSA Auto Website Submitter software and services are according to the frequency of payment and it is set according to your local currency. For a monthly subscription, you will be paying $50 for it, and if you choose to pay annually, it will cost you $170. However, if you have more money to spend, it may be wiser to pay $519 as a permanent subscription fee, lifetime guarantee of all the excellent services of GSA. But, if you are thinking of running your own business which involves website submission service, you are entitled to pay $1351. All money spent is worth it as you can be assured of the accuracy of directory submission and a more productive outcome for your own website.

Moreover, you can also download their free trial program and see the many advantages that GSA Auto Website Submitter can offer to your website and your business as a whole.

The Best Spinner Discount and Review

The Best SpinnerClick here to get The Best Spinner for $47/year instead of the normal price of $77/year.

One of the best SEO tools that you can utilize these days for your website to rank high in search engines and will help you increase your profit is no other than The Best Spinner software. Any serious online marketers and affiliate marketers will surely love the idea of having this software included among their excellent list of SEO tools.

Its creator, Jonathan Leger, an Internet marketing guru, launched this software, February of 2010. He has created a high quality article spinning tool. Surely, The Best Spinner software lives up to its name.

Providing high quality content articles is the main goal of The Best Spinner. You see, from a single, original article, you can create hundreds of revisions of it. The revised articles may come from a single source; however, they are also regarded unique in their own sense. The more high quality articles you can produce, the more likely you will achieve high traffic on your website and higher earnings in the long run.

The biggest advantage of The Best Spinner software compared to their competitors is the fact that they got their built-in thesaurus. The more people are using the software, updates on the thesaurus is continuous. So, the more the users, the better their thesaurus would become. However, it is not unlikely that unnecessary words will be included in the thesaurus. To avoid this, you need to choose among the “good synonyms” or “best synonyms” when you are spinning your articles. These synonyms are ranked among the most common synonyms used by the bigger number of users.

The Best Spinner also got their own built-in copyscape, so, no need for you to go elsewhere just to check if your spun articles are unique or not.

Alongside, you will be able to save your most favorite synonym lists or you may opt for the synonyms used by the majority of The Best Spinner users. It is one of the best features as you can instantly apply any synonyms that you want in just one click. This method is very effective in creating new and unique articles for your link building and SEO campaigns.

With The Best Spinner’s immense popularity and its own API, you are allowed to integrate to many famous third party tools for more effective and powerful results. SENuke XCr, Copyscape, SEO Link Robot among others are included on the list of tools supporting The Best Spinner software. They also got the best video tutorials. Through their step by step guide, you will not miss out a thing when it comes to article rewriting and tips on how to successfully do it.

If you have questions about certain updates and about anything there is about article rewriting, you can actually find the answers in their support forum or perhaps you can submit your ticket via their help desk. In the shortest span of time, you will be able to solve your problems.

Jonathan Leger has just launched the latest version and apparently the third one of The Best Spinner software. More exciting and impressive features are added. For only $77 a year of subscription fee, you will surely get all your money’s worth. And, it is really affordable, not to say the high quality of output you can get with The Best Spinner software. And, by paying for $7 only, you will get to feel what is like while availing the services of The Best Spinner for seven straight days.

Article Marketing Robot Discount ($10 off) and Review

Article Marketing Robot normally costs $97, but you can purchase it for just $87 if you click this link: Article Marketing Robot discount ($10 off).

Vince Severson founded Article Marketing Robot, offering online article submission services. In today’s world, where it is important for website to rank in different search engine sites such as Google, it is important to have the right marketing tool and software for this matter. With Article Marketing Robot, you will only get the best, ultimate features for backlinking and paving the way on top of the famous search engines.

They have an extraordinary line of features and that includes getting direct traffic from different article directories and building two backlinks to your site. Along with that, the Article Marketing Robot software will automatically spins any article upon submission and they will assist you through automated email confirmation. Moreover, they may also handle the creation of account and registration as well as the accounts confirmation. That would ultimately save your time and effort by doing it manually.

However, you will have the flexibility to submit your articles on your own time frame. You see, Google would not like it if you send your article at once in multiple directories. It will greatly compromise your goal of achieving the top spot in Google and in other search engines as well.

Another thing with Article Marketing Robot is the fact that you can publish your article on your own WordPress sites. Furthermore, using the software will help you achieve great article rewrites and the outcome of their services are done in a fast pace. Plus the fact that they got a very dedicated customer support team ready to assist their clients anytime of any given day. No wonder why they got a 100 percent customer satisfaction rate.

On the other hand, Article Marketing Robot software would only cost you a considerable amount of $97; very worth it with only the best features you can achieve. What is more amazing is the fact that you do not need to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees. In Article Marketing Robot, it is a one off purchase. You will surely get more than what you have paid for. And, along with the very affordable price, they have a 60 day money back guarantee. One hundred percent of the total price will be given back to you if you feel dissatisfied with their services. That is how confident the Article Marketing Robot is. In addition, you may also want to try their 5 day trial offer which would cost you nothing. So, grab the opportunity in trying out the effective and reliable article marketing services of AMR.